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SORA/OverDrive Digital Library for Students and Teachers and Museum Instructional Toolboxes, Science Probes, and Educational DVD's for check out by Teachers:

NUES Digital Library - SORA/OverDrive for Teachers and Students

SORA / OverDrive NUES is a free service offered by NUES for our students and teachers that lets you borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and more from our digital collection.

This collection of eBooks is in addition to the resources available through your county public libraries.

We have over 4,500 titles focused on the interests of elementary, middle and high school students. Our digital library also contains special collections which include books in Spanish, read-along books, and fast fun reads.

To connect, please select the link below (also on our home page).
You may use Sora, OverDrive's app, to open our library’s digital collection. First time users can select ‘setup code:’ nuesut
To sign in, enter the same e-mail and password you use for your school computer use log-in.

SORA/OverDrive Link

NUES Media Library for Teachers:

he NUES regional service center houses a diverse media library with items available for teachers to reserve/check-out online which will be delivered to your school by the NUES Media Specialist.

  • We have over 2,000 dvd’s of educational programs.
  • We house instructional toolboxes/kits from the Natural History Museum of Utah, the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, and Red Butte Garden.(Rocks, Fossils, Insects, Plants, Utah Ecosystems, etc.)
  • We recently added 25 Vernier Go Direct Science Probes/Sensors.
  • If you would like to browse educational topics and reserve an item, a current catalog of our materials can be viewed by clicking on the media library link below or to the right.

    LOG IN
    Username: The number received from NUES (please contact Dawn if you need this number)
    Password: your last name

    When you SEARCH, a list of items will pull up and indicate if they are in/out. From the SEARCH listing, or on the specific title page, there is an option to PLACE RESERVATION which will pull up a calendar.

    Click on the beginning date of your reservation and drag through to the end date.
    (Check the delivery schedule to see which day of the week you should begin/end your reservation. Items may be checked out for one or two weeks.)

    Delivery schedule (weather permitting):

    • Tuesdays (twice a month) - Duchesne Uintah Districts & Terra Academy
    • Thursdays - Morgan, North Summit, Park City, South Summit, Soldier Hollow, Wasatch, Weilenmann & Winter Sports School
    • By Appointment - Rich and Daggett by appointment

    Click here to Visit the NUES Media Library

    Member of UIMC:

    As a Regional Service Center we are a member of the Utah Instruction Media Consortium and represent our districts and charter schools at UIMC meetings. The consortium previews educational films yearly and makes recommendations concerning the selection and purchase of these films. Films that include duplication rights can also be copied and placed in school libraries or teacher's classrooms at a cost of $1 per DVD.

    The purchased films are available through UEN eMedia.

    If you would like training on using eMedia contact Dawn.

    Please contact Dawn if you have any questions or need assistance.

    Phone: 435-654-1921 X6 or email:



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